Download PDF here.

Posted here. Please note that I’m asking for a paper copy as well as a wiki post. Due Thu Feb 26 11am.

Please meet at BV-471 next Thursday, Feb 26, regular class hour. We will go over the arrangements and requirements for the work-in-progress presentations and discuss the logistics for the final presentation. First progress reports are due as scheduled. Guidelines will be posted later today.

Discussion led by group B is moved to March 26 and will be online. Individual consultations will be scheduled on March 5, 12 or 19. I will have the sign-up sheet in class next week.

I’m sending comments re proposals via private message on course commons all day today. I will finalize the marks and post them in ClassTalk forum later today or tomorrow. Please don’t message me individually to get your mark. I’ll post all at the same time. Thanks.

Please note that you are NOT asked to grade the proposal you critique. Rather, you are asked to grade the critique written on your proposal.

Please read my postings in Class Talk forum on:
Feb 12 Class and Discussions
Peer Critique 1
Work-in-progress presentation schedule

Please read my note in the commons’ class talk. Comments and suggestions welcome by 2pm Thursday.


Please find here the proposal revision guide as PDF.
The schedule assistant is here.
Please note: If your project involves interviews, you have to include the questions with the revised proposals. If you need permissions for location or use of information, etc, please report on the status of these separately in your proposal. You will need to show me a copy of these at the latest by Feb 12th, in class.

Please note:
– If your project involves interviews your questions and consent sheet should be included with the proposal.
– Also, if you need any permissions, please include these with your proposal.

See you in our room. Stay warm meanwhile.

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