NMED20H3 – Course Description

This seminar course provides an opportunity to reflect critically on the histories, theories and practices of “new media” from an interdisciplinary perspective. Using artistic/cultural production as a prism, a point of departure and a critical alternative to mainstream “new media”, we will start the course by reading through some of the theoretical texts of the mid-20th century that are significant in contemporary understanding and theorization of the intersections of technology, society, politics, knowledge, culture and art. In the second module of the course, we will focus on contemporary writing and specific “new media” practices – including artworks/artifacts – to further our critical analysis of the current media technologies and their impacts on social formations and cultural/artistic productions. In this module you will select your areas of interest from a provided list of themes and sources that focus on different areas of “new media” practice. The third module will be driven by topics, research and examples of your own interest that build upon 3-5 relevant themes/keywords from a list we will collectively develop. There is enough flexibility in the course structure for you to identify and pursue your area(s) of interest. The key factors for a productive experience are your intellectual curiosity, active participation and genuine effort.

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