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Download PDF here.

Please meet at BV-471 next Thursday, Feb 26, regular class hour. We will go over the arrangements and requirements for the work-in-progress presentations and discuss the logistics for the final presentation. First progress reports are due as scheduled. Guidelines will be posted later today.

Discussion led by group B is moved to March 26 and will be online. Individual consultations will be scheduled on March 5, 12 or 19. I will have the sign-up sheet in class next week.

Please read my note in the commons’ class talk. Comments and suggestions welcome by 2pm Thursday.


Please find here the proposal revision guide as PDF.
The schedule assistant is here.
Please note: If your project involves interviews, you have to include the questions with the revised proposals. If you need permissions for location or use of information, etc, please report on the status of these separately in your proposal. You will need to show me a copy of these at the latest by Feb 12th, in class.

Keeping in Touch

If you didn’t get my email “thoughts toward next week”, please read it here.

As we discussed in class on Wednesday, we can’t push the deadline to Dec 3rd. We talked about handing it in on Friday, 28th. I’m feeling a little more empathetic today (:) so I’m rounding that up to Sunday, Dec 30, 11:59 PM. Anything that you have to literally hand-in to me has to be brought to class on Wed, Nov 26th. Please note that, given the extension, I do expect to see a good degree of polish in your submissions. Please also note that I will not accept late assignments under any circumstances except illness or family emergency with appropriate documentation only and it remains your responsibility to get in touch with me. Instructions for posting on the wiki will be posted on Monday. Stay tuned.

Report 3 Feedback/Marks

Just so you won’t wonder, I haven’t finished marking yet, so nobody’s got the feedback from me yet. Been swamped. Am working on it.

For our last class next week, please be prepared to make a brief informal presentation of your senior project proposal. You do not need to prepare any a/v. Just be prepared to talk for 2-3 minutes at the most. We will be working on developing your ideas in class tomorrow.

I was informed that since we don’t have a final exam in this course I have to submit final grades 5 days after the last class. This means I cannot push back the proposal deadline. So, the deadline of Wed, Nov 26th remains. See you tomorrow.

Please start using the new and improved Mod 3 Concepts and Themes page.

Wiki login

There is no problem with the wiki. Many of you have been successfully logging in and adding/changing since my previous post about the restrictions on the wiki. If you’re having trouble logging in, then you’re using incorrect login name or password. Note that they’re both case sensitive and must be typed exactly as you typed them when you registered. Please make a note of your username and password. I have disabled user-side registration to prevent spammers, so any changes at this point have to be done manually by me, which is a bit of extra work I’d be happy to do without:)

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