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Please find the PDF guide here. Post your questions in commons/class talk. I will reply as soon as I can.

Info posted in class talk. Post comments and questions there.

As in last week, I’ll have student meetings before coming to class so i can’t guarantee to be there early for your set up. Please pick up the podium key at my office earlier so you can be done with your set up before we start at 11:10. Our guest this week will be Michelle Mohabeer (PDF bio here).

Also, this is a reminder that I’ll be away March 24 to April 5. I’ll have very limited email access during this time. If you need to discuss something with me, try to catch me on Thursday.

Please vote here.

Let’s try to set up earlier so we won’t have to take time away from presentations and cut them off. I will be in consultation meetings in the morning before coming to class, so I cannot guarantee that I will be there 10 minutes before start of class. If you need to use my laptop and/or need the key to the console, one person should come pick them up at my office, 10:50-11:00 AM.

Our guest tomorrow is Jennifer Cypher. Looking forward to it.

For peer critique 2, we will simply reverse the roles from the first round. The person who received the critique last time will critique the critic’s work-in-progress. I’ll provide a short guide for this in class tomorrow.

See you tomorrow at our regular class room BV340. Those of you who are presenting, please be sure to show up early to set up before we start. Please be on time. Looking forward to it.

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Please remember to meet at BV-471 tomorrow for regular class hours, 11-1. Your progress reports are due at the start of class. Please follow the posted guidelines for your report. If you have material you can show and get feedback on, please bring them with you. We will be in a PC lab.

Download PDF here.

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