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Feedback and marks for your final project and essay were sent to you via pm on the commons. My contract has ended, so you need to contact the department with questions and concerns. They will have my documentation by mid next week. Grades have been sent in already, so you should get your final grade as you normally do.

I had great pleasure going through your projects and essays and reflecting on your processes and development of your ideas and skills and finally the fruit of your work. Whatever the troubles and shortcomings with the new media program in the previous years might have been, I think you all rose to the challenges I put before you this year and met them more successfully than any of us imagined at the start of the year. In doing so, you crossed the bridge from being a student to being an independent professional. Congratulations! I’m sure you have learned much about yourself and your own workings that you can carry forward with you, not to mention all the skills that you developed and honed in working on your project. I will proudly share your final work with our guest critics and program faculty.

I highly encourage you to send some constructive feedback to the department, in the spirit of leaving a valuable legacy of your engagement and your experience for the students who will follow you. If you make the language critically constructive (rather than complaining), I’m sure the program faculty will be happy to receive your feedback. Feel free to use the course commons for communicating on this issue.

I will keep the course site and wiki online for the foreseeable future. Feel free to link to your own material or the course as you need.

Also, please feel free to stay in touch with me at gitaha at gmail dot com. I wish you all the best. This concludes our year together. Loud cheers.

Thank you all for dropping off your disks. With 2 exceptions, I’ve been able to open and view your disks including flash files and movies (I’ve sampled only, haven’t gone through the entire thing). Great! Please also remember to provide links to the online versions of your projects in your essays on the wiki.

Danielle and Lorrie: I can’t even open your disks. They’re unreadable, at least on my computer. You need to either provide me with a URL or contact me immediately to arrange to get another disk to me. Thanks.

Marks Posted

Marks for progress reports, peer critiques, discussions and participation have been posted in class talk on course commons. Email me at my utoronto address (not on course commons) if you have a question.

Final project and essay marks will be posted near the end of April. I’ll make an announcement here when that process is finished. Please do not email me asking for your mark before that. Thanks and good luck in your exams.

hurray! if it happens again, just be patient and check back… they seem to be doing some server work that might temporarily affect the wiki… yeap, the downside of being networked… good luck in your exams:)


yes, the wiki is down. no, i can’t do anything about it until i hear from the server side. please visit the wiki later. people who uploaded in the last 24 hrs: let me know if you uploaded any files other than jpg files or you noticed the wiki going down while you were uploading.

i’ll post follow-up notes here or in course commons… please do not email me individually about this… just sit tight and be patient.

Drop-off Box

A drop box outside B578 has been set up for me. Please leave your material there.

Thank you all for the great show and critique last Thursday. Great projects and great engagement. (But I must admit I was very disappointed at the litter left behind.) Now what?

1- Submit the final/finished/no change/stable release project by Thursday, April 16, 12 noon (disks can be left in my mailbox earlier).

2- Submit your final essay and documentation on the wiki by Monday, April 20, 11 PM.

3- Submit your 2nd peer critique mark ASAP. (You submit a grade for the person who wrote the 2nd peer critique on your work-in-progress.)

4- If you would like to meet with me on Thursday (last chance), please send me an email with a time request. I will be in my office 11-3 (no meetings after 2:30).

5- Best of luck in all your school work. Congratulations on your graduation! Feel free to stay in touch.


Please meet at AA204 today. Bring your laptop. Bring a powerbar if you can. See you shortly.

AA204 is our meeting room for the moment. Please check back here later this evening or before you come in tomorrow morning for a possible change.

Also, whoever can should bring in their laptops. And, we’ll need a few powerbars to plug in everything, so if you’ve got one at home please bring it with you.

Hello! I’m back. Yes, course commons was spammed while I was away. I’ve fixed the problem, so it should be free of junk now. So, where will we be meeting on Thursday? Please post the location in class talk so I can confirm with the office and we’re all on the same page. Looking forward to seeing your projects soon.

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