What’s Left?

Thank you all for the great show and critique last Thursday. Great projects and great engagement. (But I must admit I was very disappointed at the litter left behind.) Now what?

1- Submit the final/finished/no change/stable release project by Thursday, April 16, 12 noon (disks can be left in my mailbox earlier).

2- Submit your final essay and documentation on the wiki by Monday, April 20, 11 PM.

3- Submit your 2nd peer critique mark ASAP. (You submit a grade for the person who wrote the 2nd peer critique on your work-in-progress.)

4- If you would like to meet with me on Thursday (last chance), please send me an email with a time request. I will be in my office 11-3 (no meetings after 2:30).

5- Best of luck in all your school work. Congratulations on your graduation! Feel free to stay in touch.

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